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Final Exam Topics (from 2021. 09.)

  1. Please introduce the Efficient customer response model (ECR) for complex logistics services!
  2. Please demonstrate a Track&Trace solution on a sample!
  3. Please present the ANSI/SPARC database model and describe the functions of each level.
  4. Please describe each building block of an ER model, and draw an example!
  5. What are the basic requirements of the normal forms (1NF, 2NF, 3NF)?
  6. Planning approaches, aims and the main steps of the logistics information system planning.

  7. Characterization of the Waterfall method.

  8. Characterization of the SSADM method.

  9. Characterization of the Scrum method.

  10. Characterization of the Kanban method.

  11. Conceptual and detailed/system design of the logistics information system.

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