Subject Datasheet

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering
1. Subject name Meteorology
2. Subject name in Hungarian Meteorology
3. Code BMEKOVRM231 4. Evaluation type exam grade 5. Credits 3
6. Weekly contact hours 2 (7) Lecture 0 (0) Practice 0 (0) Lab
7. Curriculum
Transportation Engineering MSc (K)
8. Role
Specialization (sp) at Transportation Engineering MSc (K)
9. Working hours for fulfilling the requirements of the subject 90
Contact hours 28 Preparation for seminars 4 Homework 0
Reading written materials 36 Midterm preparation 12 Exam preparation 10
10. Department Department of Aeronautics and Naval Architectures
11. Responsible lecturer Dr. Rohács Dániel
12. Lecturers Dr. Rohács Dániel, Jankovics István
13. Prerequisites  
14. Description of lectures
ATMOSPHERE – Structure of the atmosphere. Properties of atmosphere . The International Standard Atmosphere.
VISIBILITY – Basics, Humidity, Haze, Measurement
CLOUDS, PRECIPITATION – Cloud formation. Convection. Cloud Classification. Precipitation,
WINDS, THUNDERSTORMS, ICING – WINDS. Measurement. Forces. Wind Gradient. Thunderstorms, Supercells, Dangers of thunderstroms.
AIR MASSES AND WEATHER FRONT– Warm front. Cold Front. Occlusion. Stationary front. Convergence and squall lines.
GLOBAL CLIMATOLOGY - Climatology. Jetstream. Low and High pressure areas..
WEATHER REPORTS – Weather infromation. Weather Reports and Forecasts (METAR, TAF and others)
15. Description of practices
16. Description of labortory practices
17. Learning outcomes
A. Knowledge
  • Familiar with the meteorological processes affecting Air Traffic, know and understand their impact on aviaton safety. Knows the weather reporting and forecasting methods used in aviation.
B. Skills
  • Ability to assess the impact of a given weather phenomenon on flight, from the point of view of aviation safety, economy and operation. Can interpret different flight meteorological messages.
C. Attitudes


D. Autonomy and Responsibility
  • Interested, responsive, making decisions with care and responsibility.
18. Requirements, way to determine a grade (obtain a signature)
Mid-term requirement: Performing laboratory excercises and 1 mid term exam
Final grade: 1 exam measuring the theoretical knowledge. The final grade is the result of the exam
19. Opportunity for repeat/retake and delayed completion
Retake possibility of a laboratory excercise or the mid-term exam
Retake exam possible according to the general rules of BME
20. Learning materials
The presentation about the lectures
Effective date 10 October 2019 This Subject Datasheet is valid for Inactive courses