Subject Datasheet

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering
1. Subject name Projectmanagement in automotive industry
2. Subject name in Hungarian Járműipari projektirányítás
3. Code BMEKOKKM617 4. Evaluation type mid-term grade 5. Credits 2
6. Weekly contact hours 2 (7) Lecture 0 (0) Practice 0 (0) Lab
7. Curriculum
Vehicle Engineering MSc (J)
8. Role
Mandatory (mc) at Vehicle Engineering MSc (J)
9. Working hours for fulfilling the requirements of the subject 60
Contact hours 28 Preparation for seminars 4 Homework 10
Reading written materials 6 Midterm preparation 12 Exam preparation 0
10. Department Department of Transport Technology and Economics
11. Responsible lecturer Nagy Zoltán
12. Lecturers Nagy Zoltán
13. Prerequisites  
14. Description of lectures
Features of vehicle design projects. Defining project goals. Identifying stakeholders. Methodology for preparing preliminary feasibility studies. Accounting and defining the necessary resources, budget management, time management, scheduling. Risks analysis and management of implementation . Development of project strategy, external-internal communication.
15. Description of practices
16. Description of labortory practices
17. Learning outcomes
A. Knowledge
  • the student learns the basics and goals of project management, about the stakeholders in vehicle design projects and the rules
  • is aware of the processes of work breakdown structure (WBS), scheduling, resource and cost estimates, the methods of risk management, knows the applicable communication techniques
B. Skills
  • the student can define goals and project environment
  • has the capability of measuring progress, balancing project resources and risks and the capability of effective project communication
C. Attitudes
  • the student thinks in complex manner
  • recognizes the need for project management
  • works in a group independently on a high level
  • looks for cooperation with professionals in connected areas
D. Autonomy and Responsibility
  • the student carries out own solutions
  • able to make responsible decisions independently, and execute them in consultation with the project stakeholders and attentive to the effects and consequences of the decisions
18. Requirements, way to determine a grade (obtain a signature)
1 midterm test, 1 (team) homework, weights of requirements in final mark: result of midterm test (50%), homework document and presentation (50%).
19. Opportunity for repeat/retake and delayed completion
Midterm test correction possibility for those not present on the test, possibility of delayed deadline for home work.
20. Learning materials
Presentation slides and electronic course material.
Effective date 10 October 2019 This Subject Datasheet is valid for Inactive courses