Subject Datasheet

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering
1. Subject name Design of Vehicle Automation Systems
2. Subject name in Hungarian Járműautomatizálási rendszerek tervezése
3. Code BMEKOKAM661 4. Evaluation type exam grade 5. Credits 7
6. Weekly contact hours 2 (9) Lecture 0 (0) Practice 4 (19) Lab
7. Curriculum
Vehicle Engineering MSc (J)
8. Role
Specialization (sp) at Vehicle Engineering MSc (J)
9. Working hours for fulfilling the requirements of the subject 210
Contact hours 84 Preparation for seminars 32 Homework 84
Reading written materials 0 Midterm preparation 0 Exam preparation 10
10. Department Department of Control for Transportation and Vehicle Systems
11. Responsible lecturer Dr. Bécsi Tamás
12. Lecturers Dr. Gáspár Péter, Dr. Bécsi Tamás, Dr. Aradi Szilárd
13. Prerequisites  
14. Description of lectures
The main purpose of the subject is to apply the knowledge gained in performing an independent design laboratory task. This is done by the student under the support and supervision of a consultant. Students cover either their own project idea or the full development cycle of the task assigned by the lecturers. On the basis of their knowledge acquired during the course, the students are engaged in a research or development process. The steps are as follows:
  • Understanding the problem, studying existing solutions and methods.
  • Specification, choose a project schedule and platform.
  • Development in which the goal is to develop the task.
  • Testing, verification and validation.
  • Documentation and presentation, during which the student prepares the documentation of the whole development process and presents the presentation about the completed task.
During this exercise, the student will hold a weekly consultation with his / her consultant, who will monitor and evaluate the progress.
15. Description of practices
16. Description of labortory practices
The student will attend weekly consultation with his / her consultant, who will monitor and evaluate the progress
17. Learning outcomes
A. Knowledge


B. Skills
  • capable of breaking down a project task into elements based on specification
  • is able to design a development process
  • is able to track and document a development process
C. Attitudes
  • is open to independently carry out development tasks
D. Autonomy and Responsibility
  • is able to make responsible decisions in a development project
18. Requirements, way to determine a grade (obtain a signature)
The completed and documented work will be presented by the student at the verbal exam, which determines the final grade. The prerequisite of the exam is the succesful fulfilment of the individual task.
19. Opportunity for repeat/retake and delayed completion
The individual task cannot be delayed completed.
20. Learning materials
Effective date 10 October 2019 This Subject Datasheet is valid for Inactive courses