Subject Datasheet

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering
1. Subject name Ship strength
2. Subject name in Hungarian Hajó-szilárdsági számítások
3. Code BMEKOVRM621 4. Evaluation type mid-term grade 5. Credits 4
6. Weekly contact hours 1 (4) Lecture 1 (5) Practice 1 (5) Lab
7. Curriculum
Vehicle Engineering MSc (J)
8. Role
Specialization (sp) at Vehicle Engineering MSc (J)
9. Working hours for fulfilling the requirements of the subject 120
Contact hours 42 Preparation for seminars 13 Homework 23
Reading written materials 42 Midterm preparation 0 Exam preparation 0
10. Department Department of Aeronautics and Naval Architectures
11. Responsible lecturer Dr. Hargitai L. Csaba
12. Lecturers Dr. Simongáti Győző, Dr. Hargitai L. Csaba
13. Prerequisites  
14. Description of lectures
Ship structure model types. The ship specific details of numerical strength calculation methods, and its special parameters by ships. Numerical strength calculation methods to determine global and local ship structure loads. Conformity of hull strength in accordance with applicable laws, standards and rules of ship classification societies.
15. Description of practices
Students are practicing ship strength calculations based on rules of ship classification societies, national/ international laws and standards.
16. Description of labortory practices
Students are practicing hull strength calculation with computer programs.
17. Learning outcomes
A. Knowledge
  • Knows and understands the theoretical and practical process of hull strength calculation. 
  • Knows the hull structure modells for strength calculation, is familiar with the basics of numerical strength calculation methods, and the calculations of ship-specific parameters. 
  • Knows the methodology for defining global and local hull loads. 
  • He/She is familiar with the system and the structure of the laws, standards and classification regulations applicable to ship strength calculations.
B. Skills
  • Based on his knowledge, he/she is able to check the strength of a ship's structure in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, laws and standards.
C. Attitudes
  • Interested, responsive, independent, take care for the deadlines.
D. Autonomy and Responsibility
  • Pro-activity in professional work, the self-standing selection of the relevant solution methods. 
  • Making decision circumspectly.
18. Requirements, way to determine a grade (obtain a signature)

Mid-term requirement: preparing 1 semestrial home work
Final grade: 1 exam (measuring the theoretical knowledge), 1 semestrial home work, the final grade is the average of the parts second exam and delayed submission of the homework

19. Opportunity for repeat/retake and delayed completion
Delayed submission of the homework
20. Learning materials
Hadházi Dániel: Hajóépítés -
P. Rigo-E. Rizzuto: Analysis and Design of Ship Structure
ISO standards
Rules of ship classification societies
Scientific publications of department
Effective date 10 October 2019 This Subject Datasheet is valid for Inactive courses