Subject Datasheet

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering
1. Subject name R&I process management in the industry
2. Subject name in Hungarian Ipari K+F folyamatok menedzsmentje
3. Code BMEKOGGD804 4. Evaluation type exam grade 5. Credits 2
6. Weekly contact hours 2 (0) Lecture 0 (0) Practice 0 (0) Lab
7. Curriculum
PhD Programme
8. Role
Specific course
9. Working hours for fulfilling the requirements of the subject 60
Contact hours 14 Preparation for seminars 18 Homework 5
Reading written materials 5 Midterm preparation 18 Exam preparation 0
10. Department Department of Automotive Technologies
11. Responsible lecturer Dr. Zöldy Máté
12. Lecturers Dr. Zöldy Máté
13. Prerequisites  
14. Description of lectures
Self-assessment and expected evolution of industrial R&D processes. Planning, monitoring, conducting and developing integrated R & D & I processes in an industrial environment. Preparation of research and development project proposal. Critical understanding of the activities of competing market players and the outcome of the R&D process. Process monitoring and asset development.
15. Description of practices
16. Description of labortory practices
17. Learning outcomes
A. Knowledge
  • Is familiar with the images presented in the subject and the individual procedures of the internal relationships.
B. Skills
  • Capable of all procedures and research.
C. Attitudes
  • Openness to new opportunities in the field.
D. Autonomy and Responsibility
  • A vehicle for solving research task.
18. Requirements, way to determine a grade (obtain a signature)
Knowing the curriculum and application of it. The exam is oral.
19. Opportunity for repeat/retake and delayed completion
There is one occasion to retake the exam.
20. Learning materials
The Innovation Tools Handbook, Volume 1: Organizational and Operational Tools, Methods, and Techniques that Every Innovator Must Know
Effective date 27 November 2019 This Subject Datasheet is valid for Inactive courses